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Mopeds and Scooters!Propel Logo

Mayville Motors can now offer to you high-quality mopeds and scooters! We now carry mopeds and scooters made by Propel from Green Bay, WI! These are the new all-American way to get around town! Propel mopeds offer the best quality, price, and power than any other moped manufacturer!

Mayville Motors wants to give you the very best price on your brand new Propel Moped! We have only the most competitive pricing. If you find a brand new Propel Moped somewhere else for less than what we offer here, we will price match that price! If you are interested or want more information for one of our four models listed below, please call Mayville Motors and we will get you on that moped in no time!

See the Propel Models

See More About Propel

Ventura Candy ApplePropel Mopeds are fine quality products, with thicker plastic than any other manufacturer and sport clearcoat paint. Also, Mayville Motors and Propel offer various upgrades for your new moped, such as Keehen Carbs, Yuasa Batteries, Gates Drivebelts, tubeless tires, and more. We also have a large selection of in-stock parts available.



Mayville Motors offers the 4 different Propel moped/scooter models. All have 4 stroke engines and do not require a motorcycle license to drive!

For pricing or other inquiries please call us at (920) 387-9500

Click on a model's picture below to learn more about it!

All 2011 Models come with a free helmet and color-matched tail box!

The MalibuMalibu

The Malibu offers a 50cc engine and gives 100 MPG! It's easy to drive, anyone can ride it!

The Bel AirBel Air

The Bel Air offers a 50cc engine, gives 100 MPG, plus offers a retro-classical look!

The Del RayMalibu

The Del Ray offers a 50cc engine, gives 100 MPG, plus offers heavy duty suspension and bigger tires! It's a dirt bike wannabe!

The DaytonaMalibu

The Daytona offers a larger 150cc engine, gives 71 MPG, and can go up to 60 MPH! The sportiest moped offered, it appearance gives off a racing bike attitude!


Propel is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. They have strong Midwest values and have lived in the Green Bay Community for 35 years. It’s all about the families and communities. Propel's founders have had much success and have helped their company become an industry leader.

As the first step to fulfilling that, Propel has selected products that meet a very high standard of quality, yet focusing on keeping prices competitive. Their relationships are about helping businesses grow and thrive in our communities and provide for their families.

Propel's customer service is not a buzzword, it is a way of life. With good customer service they continue their growth, and are able to provide a larger selection of products and even better customer service. Propel is committed to helping motorsports dealers grow.

Here at Mayville Motors, we are committed to keeping Propel's dream alive, by offering their mopeds to you at unparalled prices and the same excellence of customer service.

Take a look at the Propel mopeds we offer here at Mayville Motors. You won't find anything better! Please, call us about test driving and/or purchasing one of these fine mopeds today!


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